About Us


The SJC Sport Couture brand is based around artist SJ Cox's paintings and graphic designs. The word origin for Couture is "to sew together." We sew together art that our customers love to wear. SJ gets her inspiration for her fabric prints from the beauty of her surroundings. Living near the beach, the sea is the dominant theme. However one never knows where SJ's inspiration will come from next.


Our fabrics are thoughtfully chosen for their hot weather properties such as UPF sun protection, moisture wicking, and quick drying. When it's hot, we keep you cool! We also offer all our prints in a winter weight fabric too so you can look cool while staying warm! The process we print our fabrics with is known as Dye Sublimation. The image is actually dyed into the fabric. It does not sit on top. This allows the fabric to remain breathable and soft. The images will stay true in color, will not fade crack or peel. Our pieces work perfectly with an active fashionable lifestyle.

We control the entire process in the creation & construction of the SJC Sport Couture line. Look for the "Made in the USA" label. We have professional experienced reps throughout the US and Caribbean.


Sublimation ink is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form. This process begins when heat is applied to the ink and is controlled by pressure and time. These specialized dye sublimation inks are highly concentrated which allows for vivid, photo -lab quality images. Since dye sublimation inks become part of the fabric, the images will not fade, crack, or peel. Unlike heat transfers or silk screen, the dye sublimation process allows Performance fabrics to maintain their breathability, moisture wicking and sun protective properties .



The SJC Sport Couture brand was born when Jupiter Florida artist Shelly J Cox experienced  a scare from skin cancer. Shelly learned that the Florida sun is relentless and must be taken seriously. Finding stylish sun protective clothing was no easy task. Already designing graphics for use on sun protective t-shirts, Shelly decided to create her own line of clothing with sun protective fabrics that could be worn not just to the gym, but anywhere everyday. SJC Sport Couture was born. Shelly has worked closely with a skilled pattern maker to create a fashion driven sun protective performance line. SJC Sport Couture specializes in Dye Sublimation printing. This is a preferred printing method for use with performance fabrics.

Our production team located here in Florida has full control over the entire product development process from printing, cutting, dying the fabric, and sewing the garment. Our method of hand dying each piece gives us a creative edge over other clothing lines.  We are able to control over how the print will line up on the body ensuring a figure flattering garment for all sizes.


Shelly has been creating art since childhood and has a degree in fashion design. Figurative works and portraiture are areas where Shelly continues to study. Attending workshops with the top portraits artist of today, Shelly strives to become a master portrait painter. Several of her fine art paintings have been published and Shelly has sold art world wide. She finds her inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Shelly is the creator of the popular MerScale mermaid print. She has recently added Jellyfish, Octopus and underwater dive scenes to her continually growing collection of fabric designs. Shelly has branched out into the world of Yoga with the Ink Buddha Series and has even designed prints for the race car enthusiast. You never know where her inspiration will strike from next.

The SJC Sport Couture line now includes dresses, pants, leggings, swimwear, fashion and sport tops, headbands, thigh highs and sun gloves. We will continue to design new and exciting art prints and develop new pieces to grow our SJC Sport Couture brand.